Free Pinterest Training Course.

by chriss lance
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Free Pinterest training course for anybody who wants to get their hand dirty on free traffic.

Pinterest is where the buyers are. More than Facebook where people kill the time on their jobs, more than Instagram where the users are just chilling and more than Twitter.

There are a lot of dedicated free Pinterest Training course available over the net, but I found that some really good Youtubers spill the beans in a serious way. They cover a lot of ground over multiple videos and they teach a lot of tricks that are not necessarily included in a paying course.

I list here a few videos of my favorite Youtuber. You will learn the core of what you need to know to start pinning, get visitors and send them wherever you want.

Erika has a lot of Pinterest videos on her Youtube channel and she is also a Pinterest power user.

Here are few of her videos:

The first one is for Pinterest 101.

Another one more recent from Erika on setting your Pinterest account the right way.

Another one is about making your pins.

Another video from Holy form how to make viral pins:

Now the following videos are from Greg Kononenko. I really like this guy because of its methodical approach. He is always straight to the point.

With Greg, at the end of the day, you will be able t send tons of traffic where you want them to go. Period.

Get visitors

And this one is about Greg and his partner Stephan who are teaching a complete strategy to make money with affiliate marketing using this free Pinterest training course.

Pinterest and affiliate marketing.

Now you have a solid blueprint on how to make money online. If you work your way around it. you will be able to build passive income from now on. It takes some time and work to put the system in place, but over time the money will come with very little time and effort to continue to maintain and develop further investing some earning to build more income sources.

I hope that this little free Pinterest training course will give you the will to realise your dreams…


Here is the tool that Gregg is talking about in its video. With Tailwind, you will be able to schedule your pinning, get analytics, get the tribe pinning and much more.

There is a free trial.

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