Six Figure a Year

by chriss lance
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Six figure a year in info publishing.

six figure a year
Six figure a year in info publishing

What is six figure a year?

With your working life, you have to choice . Either you sell your time for a few bucks and hope that you can retire comfortably. (Nowadays nothing is less sure), or you set yourself p in business and live the notebook life. It is a completely different model.

Six figure a year is a free book that is all about a new working model in info publishing.


Read carefully the bullet points down there. You will learn about:

  • How to stop existing and start living as a result of simply thinking and acting a little differently everyday.
  • The FIVE MYTHS you’ve been led to believe by others that are holding you back from running your own highly profitable 6 Figures A Year online business.
  • Why any ‘normal person’ should consider Information Publishing as opposed to setting up a traditional business.
  • Four Proven Strategies you can use to create a $100k per year online business.
  • The Walt Disney Principle that built a multi-billion dollar corporation and the effect it could have on your own entrepreneurial success.
  • The Zero Cost Marketing Method they never teach at business school but could easily be exactly how 80% of your customers find your products.
  • Two Sales Boosting Strategies which increase online sales, no matter how ‘ugly’ your existing website actually is.
  • ‘The simple phrase’ that will change the way you think about marketing forever.
  • The Number #1 Strategy to increase repeat purchases literally overnight.

We sincerely think that everybody who want to change their live should look about this “Six figures a year” free book.

Nick James, the write of this book wrote a funny story about its neighbourhood. Having a work at home job and showing a handful of big toys around the house make the neighbour suspicious about what he was doing for a living.

He just realizes that after one them pay him a visit and leave with stupefaction after discovering that he write info books in a very lucrative way.


So the book will be available on december the 26. I will give more infos then.

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