How Can I do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Sometimes to I ask myself how can I do affiliate marketing without a website. In fact not exactly because I do it from time to time without thinking about it.

affiliate marketing How Can I do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

What is affiliate marketing?

Here is a short answer on what is affiliate marketing. Some guy or company have some products to sell. Could it be physical or digital. They need help from external vendors to boost their sales. So they offer to you a way to promote their products in exchange of a commission through an affiliate program. The program will track your sales and will pay you your commission on schedule.

Get your affiliate tracking number

You can promote any products in any niche. There are tons of affiliate networks all over the net and it is advisable to find products that are proven to sell. It just make you more money faster.

If you want to promote physical products, you can apply to big online company like Amazon, Walmart etc. Keep in mind that the commission is low though.

If you want to promote digital products for a better payout upping to 75% sometimes, the affiliate network of choice is Clickbank. It is easy to find profitable products to sell over there just by filtering by gravity.

Now that you choose a product you are able to get the affiliate link to promote everywhere.

What do you really mean by without a website?

Well at least you need to put content on the internet. It is difficult just to put out an affiliate link without context. This does not work. You can go on social media make some posts with your link in it, but you have to build authority first if you want people to click on it.

Posting on Facebook

Maybe the easiest way on how can I do affiliate marketing without a website would be to join Facebook groups on your niche. The strategy is to post quality content on a regular base and build authority for yourself. Then in regard of your reputation and your good will to help people, they will be more willing to follow your recommendations and click on your affiliate link so you can make money.

Posting on forums

Forums is not what it used to be but you still use the same strategy than you do with Facebook groups. This strategy implies that you do know something about the niche you choose or you are willing to do research so you know what you are talking about.

Posting on Instagram

The content here is photos. I am sure you know the Instagram game. You need to post original photos and put some effort to build your audience. The place to put your affiliate link is in the description.

Making Youtube videos

We all have a cellphone capable of doing videos. If you are promoting physical products, the best way is to get your hand on one and do an unboxing video talking about what you like or do not like. I am sure you already saw some review videos.

But if you are shy and do not want to put your face on camera or even talk, you can use this website There is a free option. You can use their royalty free images and videos to put on a time line with texts and make a promotional video of your product easily with music in the background.

Making blog posts

There are free platforms to use if you choose to write content. There is and if you want to have a blog. It is free but it works. The only drawback is that you are not at home and your blog will never be a valuable asset for you that you can resell.

But a very good solution is This platform is huge and is a heavy weight in Google search engine. Anybody who post high quality two thousand words plus content there around low competition keywords has a good chance of ranking in the first page of the search engines. Meaning a lot of visitors to potentially click on your affiliate link so you make money.

Turnkey systems.

Let me talk about a simple but powerful system called “12 minute affiliate”. (Affiliate link).This system is about email marketing and everything is done for you and ready to use after you signup with Clickbank to get your affiliate code and signup with and autoresponder company like Getresponse. (Affiliate link)

12 Minute Affiliate will build opt-in pages to collect emails and landing pages for you related to some Clickbank best selling products. All you have to do is copy some provided swipe files in your autoresponder and send traffic. If you wish, 12 minute affiliate has an option to copy the swipes for you for a small fee.

You can buy some high quality traffic as clicks inside the system if you wish making the things very very simple to do. You can be up and running in a couple of hours and see some results in a very short period of time.

So check out 12 Minute Affiliate here and give it a try. (Affiliate link). There is a 14 days $15.00 trial available to test the system.

So you get some answers on how can I do affiliate marketing without a website

Doing affiliate marketing without a website is possible. But you to need to gain people trust so they will follow your recommendations. For that you need to create high quality content if you want to succeed. If you do not want to have a website because of the technical aspect or the time consuming it takes to maintain or simply because you do not have money to spend, I think I showed you some way to get get going and realize your dream.

Just start and keep going. Put content everyday, every week. Get the ball rolling and keep it rolling until you succeed.

Good luck with your dream

Chriss Lance.

I wrote a blog post on how to start a blog on this website. Click the link and go for it.

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