Web Siphon Review

by chriss lance
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web siphon review

Web Siphon review

Web Siphon Review – Introduction.

Web siphon review. The web and the internet is all about content. And we the users are always looking for the more relevant and entertainment content that we can find. If not we pass away.

Now for us marketers, we need to produce that content or find a way to grab high quality relevant content that will keep our consumers on their toes and coming back for more.

Never to say that the search engines are looking for original content and will give to the searcher only the best quality. This give us no choice but giving them what they want i f we want to get visitors.

But there is a way to recycle good content in our advantage. It is not new and it is called curation. Curation means that we can reuse snippets of content that already exists. Legally we can use for example a paragraph from an article from another blog ethically if we keep the sources.

So let me introduce a tool made by Oj James who is doing a fantastic job on scouting the web form high quality sources and bring back the content so we can edit it and make an interesting article from these sources that will benefit our readers.

Web Siphon Review – Overview

Vendor:                      OJ James

Product:                     Web Siphon

Launch date:            28 dec 2018

Front end price:    $27.00

Recommended:      Highly recommended

Home page:             https://websiphon.co

Refund:                    30 days money back guarantee

Category:                 Video

Wb Siphon Review – What is Web Siphon?

Web Siphon is a curation software plugin. You enter keywords and the software will go all over the web finding relevant content to the seed keywords.

It is a low cost tool that you operate by clicking and dragging from left to right the content you want to use to build an article. It could be words and medias. And you also have the possibility to edit extensively the images.

Using this tool to create articles is a benediction. Imagine the time saving in research. Imagine the high quality most relevant content for your blog at your fingertip.

Web Siphon Review – About the Vendor

OJ James has 5 or 6 products under his belt and he has a good record of putting together really good package and developing awesome software.

Web Siphon Review – Features and Benefits


Web Siphon is a WordPress plugin. So you build your article inside your blog by dragging content. Web Siphon has 70 sources available for content. Sites like Google+, Twitter, Cnn, Youtube, National Geographic, Washington Post etc.

Realise that all the content Web Siphon is bringing to you has the potential to become viral. Because it is content from high authority in the first place that you legally curate for your own needs.

Time saving

Imagine the time saving. Imagine also having access in minutes to trending content that people are looking for. You will be at the cutting edge of the info.

High Quality

There is no question about it. In no time you will access the highest professional up to date content to bring to your readers. They will thank you for that, they will trust you, they will come back and they will click your calls to action.

Web Siphon Review – What is inside.

Here is an explanatory videos from the vendor.

Here are the modules

A powerful dashboard where you can see what is going on at a glance.

The curation builder.

Here is where you enter keywords, make the search and build your content from what has been discovered.

You have the ability to curate content form the following:
YouGoogle Plus, Flickr, Twitter, Youtube, RSS Feeds, Webhose Blogs, and Top News Sites Such As CNN, ESPN, Fox News, Google News, Medial News Today, National Geographic, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post & The Washington Post.

Keyword suggestion tool. It is the way you base your search on.

Image editor. Some basic functions like add text, crop image, change color etc.

Social media. Some special sharing options for social media.

Web Siphon Review – Otos

Web Siphon has 1 Front-End and 5 OTOs:

-Front-End (Web Siphon – $25-$27)

-OTO 1 (Web Siphon Pro – $67)

-OTO 2 (Web SERP – $37)

-OTO 3 (Linx Siphon – $47)

-OTO 4 (Web Stealth – $27)

-OTO 5 (Web Azon – $27)

Web Siphon Review – Conclusion

Web Siphon review arrives at its conclusion.

As you were able to see, Web Siphon is a very clever well thought of and well executed tool for every one who wants to crete high quality content for his website.

Web Siphon has a lot of up to date bells and whistles that marketers in 2019 needs to be competitive.

In no time you will be able to create content that will benefit greatly your visitors, all lot of traffic indeed. Meaning that they will be more ready to buy from you.

Highly recommended.

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Web Siphon Review – Bonuses


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