Free Affiliate Marketing Course. A Tutorial for Beginners

My goal here with this free affiliate marketing course is to show that starting an affiliate marketing business could be done in a very short time. All we need is some basic tools and put together some parts to get going.

affiliate marketing for beginers

What is affiliate marketing

So if you don’t know, affiliate marketing means promoting someone else products and get a commission for doing so. The website Clickbank has a repertoire of thousands of products in a multitude niches. So it is up to you to choose a domain you are familiar with or simply a domain that is proven to make money in an easier way.

Now that we know where to find a product to promote, we need a way to get in contact with people in a sustainable way. The best strategy for this is by email.

What is email marketing

So let us talk about email marketing. Every business should make an email list of their clients. Meaning they should collect their emails to communicate with them and send them newsletters about the business activities and promotions.

As a marketer, we can use emails to send people to products and offers in regards of a chosen niche. We can recommend products, we can make people aware of new products that is coming out, we can do review of products etc.

Building a list

So the goal is to build a big list of people interested in a particular niche so we can email them as often as needed and collect our commission when they make a purchase.

So to build a list we need a tool to collect emails and email the subscribers in a convenient way. Some company like Getresponse is doing just that. It is an online software tool that collect emails, store them in lists so we have the possibility to send emails as broadcast or automatically to the subscribers.

Say you just ad a subscriber to a list. You would want to send them a welcome email automatically and you also may want to send a series of emails about a chosen product with the goal in mind to get him to click a link and purchase this product and get the sale or commission.

Optin page

So the plan is to get an optin page where people give there email address in exchange of a trip wire. This trip wire could be a free ebook, a cheat sheat, a mini course, anything that intice them to give the email address.

Then automatically a welcome email is sent to new subscriber with a download link for the trip wire and the relation with your new subscriber begins.

From now on you can send promotions, help, education over and over again from the autoresponder, the automation or by broadcast.

That is it. This is the simple business model. And it only takes a short amount of time to put in place and within a few days, you can see the money coming in.

How to start your free affiliate marking course

So now let us begin the how to.

Domain name

First you need am email address from a private domain. You don’t need to build a website but just register a domain name and get an email address from it.

A good domain name registrar is Namecheap. For about $10 a year you can have a dot com domain. Cheaper with other extensions.

Autoresponder service


Second you need an autoresponder software service like Getresponse. There are a lot of them but Getresponse is cheap, very simple to use, has a very powerful automation system and last but not least, Getresponse allow you to send affiliate links. Not every autoresponder companies allow that and this is very important.

Getresponse has a built in optin forms section where you can choose from already made templates that you can use as is or edit them to your content. It has also landing page builder that you can use for anything related like a thank you page.

Getresponse eliminates the need of having a website. And in our business model we only need one page or maybe a few if we need more.

Now we have a domain name and an email address, that we have an otpin form and a link to send people to, we need to choose a product. In fact we need 2 products to start.

Products to sell

A cheap one that sells for a few bucks. This one has 2 goals. The first goal is to make some easy money to compensate for our initial expenses in the case of buying traffic. It is also a way to gain the people trust and buy something from your recommendation.

Low ticket

Warrior plus is a good place to find this kind of low cost entry products. It could be a $5.00 front end product and a few upsells afterward, but you only shoot for the front end to recover some of your expense.

Money making ticket

The second product is for making money. Here is a tip. There are 2 types of products. One is a one sale and another has recurring monthly payments. For example in the internet marketing niche, Clickbank has its own Clickbank university course and the subscription is $49.00 a month. You will get a percentage of this amount each and every month as long as the subscriber cancel.

Another example is Clickfunnel. It is an online software that allows you to build business oriented forms, landing pages, email autoresponders etc. It cost at least $100.00 a month. If you promote Clickfunnel you will get something like 40% of this amount every month.

Another example is autoresponder companies like Getresponse. If you send people and they sign up, you will get a percentage every month.

Do you get the picture? The goal is to make the sale once and get paid for a long period of time afterward.

Big ticket

And now it is about the big ticket product that sells for thousands of dollars. If you break even or make a little money with your promotions, selling a big ticket product will make you substantial money with a only a few sales from time to time.

Usually the big ticket sells through webinars. Webinars are a long long sale pitch and the presenter is usually very convincing with heavy discounted tuition and a ton of bonuses. The big news is you only have to get people to sign up for the webinar session and they do the selling. And you collect the big percentage commission for every sale they make from the prospect you send them.

Email swipes

Another important consideration when choosing a product to promote is to choose one with email swipes. Email swipes are emails already written. If you are a beginner, it is very helpful. It allows you to start fast and buy you some time out of the learning curve.

The goal is to have those emails ready to build your autotesponder series so the new subscribers will get a few days, weeks or even months of emails sent to them with all your promotions, help, tricks, tips and anything that you will send to build and keep the trust of your subscribers.

Autoresponder emails

So when building your emails autoresponder series, the first email will be the welcome email. In this email say thank you, you give the link to download the trip wire and you use a relevant swipe email from the cheap product we talk about earlier.

Then you send one or two more emails for the next few days before starting the promotion of the more money maker products you want to promote. You can send emails everyday and you can mix promotions, help and tips, mini course, free stuff at your convenience. You want to create a rapport with your list so you subscribers will want to open your emails more often than if you do sale pitch all the time.

Free content to give away

If you choose a niche that you are passionate about, it is not difficult to write and find useful content to send to your subscribers. And you can also get some Plrs products of interest to give freely to your list regularly. Just to prove that you really care about them and want to help.

If you think about it. Assuming the core of your emails are automated, with only a few hours a week, you can grab some content, write a few short emails, send them to your list is not the end of the world. And every time a new subscriber comes in you will make money. And every time you make a new promotion to your existing customers you will make money again. The bigger the list, the more money you make.

Traffic time

Ok this is serious. It is difficult and not. You don’t want to do it but you must. You have you otpin page ready and you need to send traffic to it. You can pay for traffic or you can find some for free.

Facebook groups

Let’s start with free traffic. The easiest way is with Facebook groups. You will have to signup with facebook group in the niche you are in. Every group is a bit different but in short you will have to participate and give real content to earn the right to post your link. But it is feasible. At the end of the day, you want to help people and make money doing so. So help first, earn the trust and you will have a customer for life.

Forums, blogs etc

Similarly, you can post on forums, make blog comments, make Youtube comments and the like in any platform. Yes it is time consuming but if you take the time you lost scrolling endlessly Facebook and use it for your business, the choice is easy to make.


Another way to get traffic is blogging. But this is for a the long run. If you build a blog with articles based on long tail keywords in your niche, eventually within a few month time you will get enough visitors to monetize them in a lot of ways. Of course you post your otpin form to get their emails and enroll them in your autoresponder series.

There are a few free platform you can use for… free. One of them is You can post any articles you write with any links you want. The advantage of using Medium is that it is a high ranking domain. Meaning that you have better chance for your articles to show up in first page in Google search for the long tail keyword articles you post than if you start your own blog. Beside you cut all the complicated stuff you have to do with your own WordPress blog like hosting, security, implementation and the like. The only draw back is the resale value.


You can also start a Youtube channel if you can speak fluently and make videos. You only have to make some reviews of the product you want to promote explaining in the front of the sale page what it is all about. Then put the affiliate link in the description.

Paid traffic

Paid traffic. If you want results faster, it is the way to go. If you are in the internet marketing niche you can use solo ads. Basically solo ads are people who have lists of subscribers. They will send you a certain amount of their subscribers to your optin or landing page. Some will signup with you and get enrolled in your email sequence. And eventually buy some of your promotions so you will get your commission.

Solo ads

There is a website where you can buy soloads. It is very simple. You have a list of vendors and you choose the ones with the better sales records. Usually it costs much less than a dollar every email sent.

Facebook, google ads

You can also make Facebook and Google ads. It is the fastest way to build your email list. Here you must know your subscriber value. For example if you know that over time, a subscriber will buy $20.00 from you, you then you that you can spend up to this $20.00 for acquisition and still make money. If you spend $6.50 then for every dollars you put in you are left with two clear. It is a game number.

You can play it with good margin when your funnel is well implemented. But if you are beginner you may want to start slowly and make sure that all the parts of the game are working well together. It comes with practice and experience. It comes with time.


Now that you are aware of what a simple email marketing, the next step would be to start the implementation.

  • Meaning get the domain name and the email,
  • Signing with Getresponse, Clickbank and Warrior plus.
  • Find the products you want to promote.
  • Build the autoresponder serie.
  • Build the optin page inside Getresponse
  • And… send traffic to your optin page.

Are you willing to do it?

You will have to find your way around Namecheap, Getresponse, Clickbank and Warrior plus. It is feasible with minimum internet abilities.

Start now and in no time you will get positive results.

Just do it step by step.

Hope you liked this free affiliate marketing course.

Good luck

Chriss Lance

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