Midphase User Review. From a Long Time Customer.

I am going to do a Midphase user review. Midphase has been around since 2003 and it still exist today. We can assume that they give excellent service to their customers.

Midphase has a reputation of affordable shared hosting but also has the upgrade options for those who demand more power. Midphase hosting is on par with any reputable other hosting companies out there.

I am a long time Midphase customer myself except for the year I went with Siteground and came back to Midphase. The main raison I did this is because the one year deal was over with Siteground and it was cheaper with Midphase with no noticeable advantages.

This WordPress blog is hosting with Midphase and you can experience for your self how it goes.

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Midphase shared hosting plans

Personal plan

midphase personal plan 1 midphase user review
midphase personal plan 2

Pro plan

midphase pro plan 1
midphase pro plan 2

Business plan

midpĥase business plan 1
midphase user review. business plan 2

Reseller options

With Midphase you get a choice of 5 scalable options for its linux based reseller hosting with variable contract length for the customers. All plans come with a brandable control panel, billing software, 10 SSL certificates and a dedicated IP address.

What you Get with Midphase

Mainly a way to host a website and all the functions related managed with a cpanel. The cpanel allows you to manage your files, manage databases, manage and add domains and subdomains, manage email boxes, shows you metrics and stats, gives you security options like ssl certificate, offers you a huge list of softwares like WordPress and other advanced stuff.

Website builders

Midphase has a website dedicated included website builder and also other content management system and softwares with Softaculous. Of course it has the most common cms platform WordPress which can be installed with a form to fill and a click of a button.

Midphase ecommerce builder

Midphase offers a complete solution for anyone who wants to sell anything online. There are many options to encounter the needs of an entry level store to a more established business.

Midphase claims that a store can be up and running in less than an hour.

All you need to get you started

Midphase gives you with any plans at least a free domain name, WordPress to build your site, emails boxes and free support 24 hours a day with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The basic plan allows you one website, the prop plan five and the business plan unlimited.

Add on options

Unfortunately there are addons you may want to get like extra email boxes on an addon domain where you need to pay extras. In the past I had a more complete plan with not extras to pay for a higher monthly price. This plan does not exist anymore.

Midphase amazing service.

All is in the title. Every time I needed customer support, it was fast and easy and the thing I wanted to do and did not know how or any problems were treated fast and diligently with the support.
I used the chat box and in no time I had someone available to help sorting out the issue.

WordPress backup.

I saw that some other hostings companies charge for backups. Not with Midphase. You have the choice to do your own manual backups along with automated backups you can program. This is important in case of any malware attack you may encounter in your blogging experience.

Midphase basic performance.

Well this is not an exact science. Bear in mind that all the share hosting in all the companies out there over the world behave the same way. If the server operate at full capacity for all the sharer at the same time, the access time will be slow.

You can optimize as much as you can this is inevitable.

So with my sites over time I experienced decent page loading time and also sometimes a few seconds loading time either. As I said in the intro I went with Siteground for a year with the reputation of being one the fastest hosting company, I experienced slow loading time sometimes.

Like I said, this blog is hosted with WordPress. You can test the speed for yourself by clicking all the links you want.

And what about vps ssd?

Need more speed with Midphase vps ssd?

Now you may be starting your blog or online presence but in the not so long future you may get high traffic volume. Midphase has a solution that is not available every where. Midphase has vps ssd. This means virtual private server. You are still on a shared machine but with less sharers and your data are on a fast ssd drive instead of the slower hard drive commonly used.

This means lightning speed access to your site any time. So welcome thousands of visitors. You will be well served.

Midphase also has private servers but this is another story.

Uptime and security.

Besides server maintenance schedule, Midphase claims 99.9% uptime.

Midphase main data center is situated in Utah in a disaster safe location.

From Midphase:

“In addition, we know nothing matters more than reliability, so our team of highly trained IT professionals watches over your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve been called geeks, techies, and nerds, but we prefer to go by “uptime focused sidekick”

Midphase and social media

Midphase is very active on Facebook and Twitter. So everybody can join the community for help or anything related to website hosting.

Midphase affiliate program

Yes Midphase has an affiliate program for anyone who wants to make the promotion and earn money with customer referrals. More on affiliate marketing here.

Midphase user review summary.

Midphase has a solid reputable and dependable hosting company who gives everything most customers need in a professional and respectful way.

I have the business plan and I host a few WordPress sites. This website does not have thousands of visitors to my sites yet, but whenever it comes I will have the option to upgrade to a vps ssd if needed with not much work to do.

Signup with Midphase here.

I recommend Midphase and you can sign up with this link here if you are ready to do so. In fact I just hope that you start your online journey now.

Good luck

Chriss Lance.

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