Things are going slowly.

I had my sites hosted on Siteground and virus infected all of the them. I spent hours trying to eradicate them with no luck. So I lose a good chunk of my past work. Nothing much important though because it was not bringing money in.

So I am rebuilding from scratch.

Like I said, things are going slowly and I am stopped by difficulties all the time. Things that was going easy before brings problems right now.

Anyway I have a plan on what I want to do for the site but not really sure if it is going to work. Gurus says so and I am sure some make money with the business model, but I have yet to see people come in and get some real help.

So right now I am at installing otpin system to collect leads. I was with Aweber before but I want to try Mailchimp which is free under a certain amount of subscribers. But using Profit builder, I have to find why Mailchimp open a second page asking a second time the email address.

I also have access to Mailit the big version. I uses the small wordpress version before and emails was going to my spam box. No good if it was doing the same with subscribers.





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