Who is Affiliate Marketing For.

This is about who is affiliate marketing for.

Well people who ask who is affiliate marketing for must be a beginner. Nice, I will try my best to explain what is affiliate marketing and how it is a simple but effective business model for anybody who is looking for making money online.

who is affiliate marketing for

What is affiliate marketing.

Marketing is about promoting a product. Companies makes products could it be physical or digital. Beside their own selling channel, some of those companies have affiliate programs for anybody who wants to market the product for them in exchange of a commission. They are not employees, they are affiliate to the companies and bring or send customers to the sale page in exchange of a variable percentage of the potential sale.

This business model is a kind of a short cut for the guy who wants to make money online even if he do not have a product of his own. He do not have to spend time and money to create a product. He just choose one that he likes and hopefully that sells well, make promotions, send the prospect to the sale funnel of the company and collect the commission. Simple as that.

Who are you?

Are you a product owner?

If you have already a product in a specific niche and a sale funnel in place to sell it with success and make money, there is a good chance that you would want to scale up your business and add some more products related to your niche in your line up. Then it could be a time saver for you to find existing products from a company who has an affiliate program in place so you can easily make promotions to your already in place sale funnel.

And this works very well if you have an email list of customers who already bought from your company before. You send your list an email recommending the affiliate product you are promoting. More on email marketing below.

Are you a beginner?

If you are a beginner, affiliate marketing is the easiest, fastest way to make money online. All you have to do is to find a product you want to promote and send traffic to the product sale page. When signing to an affiliate program, you get what is called an affiliate link with a special code unique to you. So you use this link to send traffic to the affiliate product you are promoting.

There are basically two ways to send traffic. The free one and the paid one. The free one implies that you put content on the internet recommending the product and ask people to click your affiliate link. The paid one is simply buying ads, make the sale pitch and send people to the product sale page with your affiliate link.

Who is affiliate marketing for?

Now that we know what affiliate marketing is and how it works in a nutshell, we can answer the question who is affiliate marketing for?

Well for anybody who wants to do business and especially and an online business. Anybody who wants to make money to add to a regular day job or who wants a full time business.

Also anybody who wants to work for himself with all the independence it implies. Anybody who has the entrepreneur spirit and is not afraid of putting the effort to build a business of its own.

Or simply a part time job to ad more money to your existing condition. Or for somebody who has an hobby and want to monetize its passion.

Don’t forget that you can do affiliate marketing with no money to invest, no customers to take care of, no physical store to open, no products to buy. You can start making money in a very short time with some strategies.

And we should say that for anybody who has basic internet abilities and know his way around signing up with websites, posting content on blogs, forum and social medias etc…

Where to find physical affiliate products.

There is mainly two kind of affiliate products. Physical and digital.

For physical products the best example is Amazon. Amazon has an affiliate program and pays affiliate a small percentage of the sale. If you send somebody to the store, you will get commission on anything people buys that day and more under certain circumstances.

Tips on how to promote physical products

So you can have a blog in a niche and write reviews about any products related to that niche. You can also make Youtube videos for your promotion and post your affiliate link in the description.

On YouTube

On Youtube the easy way is to have the product in hand and talk about it on video. You describe the item, talk about your experience with the product, the benefits, the pros and the cons etc. There are ton of physical products review on Youtube to inspire you.

If you are fluent talking it is going to be easy for you. But if you are a bit shy, know that you don’t have to put your face on video. Just talking is enough although not as effective.

A tactic is to write an in depth review and post it online. Then use the screen capture software Obs Studio to record your screen. Record yourself talking, reading, commenting over the review you had written. Use your imagination and think outside the box to make your video standing over the others.

On a blog

You can also write in depth review on a blog, with photos, video and a lot of text. Keep in mind that because of the competition, Google will favor long and high quality articles over short and spammy three hundreds words texts. This means that you have better chance to rank in the first page of a search for a certain keywords.

If you are a beginner and don’t want to start your own blog, you can use Medium.com, a free blog platform where you can post your reviews. Medium is an high authority website meaning that the chance for your reviews to show up in Google first page are greater then on a fresh new blog that you just started.

Where to find digital affiliate products.

Digital products are ebooks, softwares, courses, how to etc. They are products that you buy and download to your computer. They are the most trouble free products you can promote. There is no shipping, no returns, not broken items, no troubles inherent with physical products.

There is ton of products available in any niche and the main companies are Clickbank, Warriorplus and Jvzoo.

You get an higher payout up to 50% average with digital products.

The king is Clickbank

You should know that Clickbank has the most extensive repertoire of affiliate products and they claim that their affiliates altogether made billions.

There are something like 30 categories with a lot of sub niches in their marketplace. You just have to go there with a niche in mind and find products you would like to promote.

In the Clickbank marketplace, you want to find products with an attractive sale page and you look for extensive promotion tools. The product maker may give you banners, email swipes, keyword list, statistics, demographics etc. This is going to make your work easier for your promotion.

Flagship course: Clickbank University

Clickbank has its own affiliate marketing course. This company exists for a long time and has a long experience in the market and they helped thousands of affiliates to succeed and make money.

Their course is full blown and take a beginner step by step, hand in hand over time and teach them everything they need to know to become successful and make a ton of money.

Clickbank course is not available for the moment.

Warrior Plus and Jvzoo

Warrior plus and Jvzoo are more for internet marketers. They can find courses, softwares and all kind of tools useful for promotions. Everyday brings new products to the table. Internet marketer products are a never ending flow of new ideas, course and new technologies to help the marketer make money.

Marketers can buy the products and also can promote them as an affiliate. It goes both ways. It is a never ending source of new products to promote for a marketer in the internet marketing niche.

The main strategy for promotion is by email marketing. The goal is to build a big list of subscribers in the niche and constantly sending emails about the new products that are just launching. Another strategy is to make a review of the product before the launch and post it on a blog to show marketers who wants to know more about it before buying.

This website Muncheye.com lists in advance all the product launches for the coming weeks. The product developer gives some hints and informations in a joint venture page so the marketer can have a good idea of the product before hand. You can ask for a review copy and your affiliate link so you can do a review and post it in a blog.

Sending traffic to your affiliate offer

With email marketing and solo ads

If you have money to spend you can do this. Build a simple funnel with an optin page collecting emails and then use emails swipes from the product vendor. Signup with an autoresponder company like Getresponse and send the email swipes over time. Add more affiliate products to your autoresponder series.

Spend money on solo ads until you have a big enough responsive list. Soloads are emails you buy from a soloads vendor who will send you prospects who may subscribe to your own list in exchange of a free trip wire from you.

You can signup with my website Chrisslance.com in exchange of a free ebook. “7 steps to turn your passion into an online business” as an example.

This strategy works in the internet marketing niche because of the soloads vendors only have subscribers in this niche.

With email marketing and Facebook and Google ads

This work in any niche. Just find a free trip wire. It could be an ebook, a cheat sheet, a software, a mini course. Anything that has value for the prospect to give you their email address in exchange.

Build an optin page to collect emails and send affiliate product promotions to subscribers automatically over time to your subscribers using a mix of email swipes from product vendor and your own.

Do Facebook and or Google ads to send traffic to this optin page. When your list is big enough, it is like printing money on demand.

With free traffic

With this strategy you write and a long in depth article as a review on a topic related to an affiliate product you choose on Clickbank or wherever. This high quality article have a good chance of ranking on first page of Google if you write your article around low competition keywords.

You can also find Facebook groups related to the niche, post helpful comments on the group, make a name for yourself and post a link to the article you wrote on your blog. Do this over and over again and the traffic will flow freely.

You can also go to Quora.com and answer questions related to your article. Write a shorter answer in Quora and put a link to your full blown article in your blog.

You can also make Youtube videos recording your screen reading and commenting over your article. Put your affiliate link in the description.

Is affiliate marketing for you

Well I think after reading this post that you have a good idea if you can do the affiliate marketing route. You know what it is, you have a good idea of what you have to do and if you have the ability to do it.

It takes time and effort to get results but affiliate marketing is a pretty simple business model to implement. You have to start and everyday put some work on it until you get results, without quitting…

Good luck

Chriss Lance.

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